Why India


India stands amongst the top three medical tourism destinations in Asia (the other two being Thailand & Singapore). This country's healthcare industry is growing phenomenally and is getting recognized for its top-notch healthcare services, economical pricing, and robust infrastructure. Over 100,000 cardiac surgeries are performed each year here, thus bringing it at par with the international statistics.

Patients from neighboring countries such as Maldives, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh frequent visits for its compassionate care whereas the tourists from Africa, Europe, UK, and the US seek its 'futuristic healing'.

Various reasons lie behind this increase in patient's influx from every corner of the world. Chief amongst them are:

  1. Quality services at lower costs

    India's state-of-the-art hospitals, exclusive services, and quality treatment for major ailments come at a very economical price. The cutting-edge technology used in complicated procedures such as skin treatment, orthopedic surgeries, cancer treatment, cardiac surgeries, and knee-replacement guarantee success. They also save you approximately 1/10th of the money that would have otherwise be disbursed to developed countries' hospitals.

  2. Highly qualified & certified doctors

    India is known specifically for its highly trained doctors, surgeons, physicians, and nurses who undergo meticulous training before beginning their practice in any hospital or medical facility. A huge percentage of these surgeons also get their certification from American Board Certificates that conforms with any developed country's level of precision and care. These practicing surgeons & doctors are also the visiting faculty for UK, USA, and Europe's most renowned institutes.

  3. No waiting

    Foreign medical tourists majorly prefer India due the immediate attention it bestows on its patients. In the homeland, they have to undergo a long waiting period. It is especially a boon for those who are suffering from chronic conditions and cannot afford to wait much. Availability of numerous qualified surgeons and operation theaters makes the entire process convenient.

  4. Warmest hospitality & services

    This exotic country's code of conduct is "अतिथिदेवो भव:" translation being "the guest holds the position of God". The compassionate and empathetic hospitality makes a patient feel very much at home. Unprecedented services, excellent cafes, delightful restaurants, and 5-star hotels make your stay in India pleasant.

  5. Alternative/traditional healing system

    India is a fitting destination for those who seek the benefits of the alternative healing system. Here you can access the recommended treatments of meditation, naturopathy, yoga and Ayurveda.

  6. Customized services

    Hospitals & medical centers providing the facility of medical tourism give the patients well-thought-out packages. These packages cover comprehensive services of preparing documents, getting a medical visa, obtaining appointments, and arranging transportation & stay.

  7. No language barrier

    The staff of Indian hospitals speaks fluent English. These hospitals even give optimum assistance to the foreign patients by providing translators for the languages of Chinese, German, Pashto, Russian and Arabic. They also offer the services of multilingual interpreters.

  8. Tourist attractions & healing environment

    India houses the most incredible monuments, places, and cultures. All these places are well connected through trains, buses, and flights. Traveling here is both easy and economical. Foreign patients especially choose this country to visit its wonders after the successful completion of the treatment.

    With all these advantages, everyone is looking up to India for receiving its world-class healthcare services.