Wellness is the primary requisite for human beings to enjoy the experiences as well as insights that life has to offer. An ailment can become a great source of worry for the concerned patient until it is given proper and meticulously planned ministration. Therefore, to ensure that such treatments do not interfere with a patient’s desire for experiencing the delights of his/her life, Medical Tourism has brought to us a unique concept of getting medical treatments overseas. In it, a patient not only gets the much-needed medical attention but also gets to experience the life and culture of a new country. HealVoyage, one such medical tourism outfit based in India, is amongst the pioneers in this domain. Its offerings include world’s best professional services and support. Under its services, you get-

  • Trusted and specialized medical assistance.
  • Your choice of vacation spot from the ample of options post-recovery.
  • A strong network of renowned hospitals with excellent pre and post care treatment.
  • Trained paramedical staff and technicians.
  • Really affordable budgets with respect to your ailment's graveness.

Why trust us?

Being a leading medical tourism facilitation company, HEAL VOYAGE provides complete assistance to its customers at every step of their treatment as well as travel plan. Right from the very primary step of raising inquiry and consulting a doctor to the completion of rehabilitation after getting the desired treatment, Heal Voyage makes sure your entire experience remains with you forever as a truly blissful memory.

At HealVoyage, we provide:

  • World-class medical care at affordable prices
  • Travel logistics/Visa/Emergency transportation for medical treatment
  • Surgery / Hospitalization
  • Travel plus stay in India
  • Assured quality medical care

What sets us apart?

Selecting HealVoyage as your preferred medical tourism plan operator is sure to bring you several substantial benefits. Many of these even act as our USP. Furthermore, these benefits even guarantee a greater value for your money and ensures a pleasant set of experiences throughout the duration of your treatment. Some of the several highlights that set HealVoyage apart from the rest, are as follows:

  • Comparatively lower expenditure for medical surgeries, transplants, and treatments.
  • A credible network of partnering hospitals well-known for their commendable services.
  • An efficient team of qualified and experienced medical staff, surgeons, and nursing staff.
  • Equipped with the finest infrastructure and advanced surgical equipment, our partner hospitals stay beside you throughout your journey of recovery.